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Fish Stories
Dan Parson

A Guide’s Life

I get to meet interesting new people every day, float down a river I love, share my knowledge and passion of the sport with others, and see beautiful stuff like otters and sun rises and crap. But there are down sides to it as well. It’s work.

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Fishing Reports
Van Beacham

Good Snow Pack/Culebra Creek/Spring on the Green

If there’s anything that gets me excited it’s a good snow pack bringing the promise of extended stream flows well into summer. We’re on a good storm track for the foreseeable future so we should be in good shape.

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Excerpts from Van's Book
Van Beacham

Defining Small Streams and Creeks

In defining a small stream or creek in New Mexico you must first put into perspective the difference in water size here compared to waters in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah.

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