The Rio Grande Gorge

Most people think of the Rio Grande as a muddy channel along the Mexican border, but like many great American rivers, the Rio Grande originates high in the Rocky Mountains.

Small-Stream Flyfishing, part 2

If we all had to guide on strictly wild freestone streams many guides would be out of business. Not only are they unpredictable compared to tailwaters, which makes guiding more difficult, but many beginning anglers don’t have the time or the patience to fish streams that don’t consistently produce.

Small-Stream Flyfishing, part 1

(excerpted from the Flyfisher’s Guide to™ New Mexico by Van Beacham) When most people think of flyfishing the Rocky Mountain West, they probably imagine themselves standing hip deep in a broad western river, casting 30 to 40 feet of line into a deep riffle or pocket they can’t reach by wading. Or floating down a … Read more

About Flyfishing in New Mexico

(excerpted from the Flyfisher’s Guide to™ New Mexico by Van Beacham) – The information in this book is based on my own experience and that of other anglers who’ve fished here over the last 46 years, when we had normal or above normal water flows. It’s important to note that until about 10 years ago, … Read more

New Mexico Game Fish

(excerpted from the Flyfisher’s Guide to™ New Mexico by Van Beacham) – New Mexico has a wide variety of cold and warmwater game fish that flyfishers can pursue, ranging from the normal trout species to cuttbow hybrids, kokanee salmon, striped bass, walleye, and even catfish. The NMDGF regulations booklet gives a description of each of … Read more

Flyfisher’s Guide to New Mexico by Van Beacham

With this post we begin a non-linear series of excerpts from Van Beacham’s essential guide to flyfishing in New Mexico.  Although written for New Mexico waters, you find a lot of general information about flyfishing along with the advice directed at specific streams. Van’s book is comprehensive (over 400 pages!), and we’ll be jumping around.  … Read more