Southern Colorado

Fishing has been great entering the fall season here in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Water flows have been above average all summer and fish are healthy.

Recommended nymph patterns for culebra creek.

  • Micro may fly sz 12-18 chartreuse
  • Two bit hooker may fly sz 14-18 tan/gray
  • Caddis pupa sz 14-18 green/tan
  • Caddis larva sz 16 green
  • Hares ear sz 12-18 green/ brown
  • Van's rag fly sz 14-18
  • Wiggly worm pink

Recommended dry flies

  • Amy's ant sz 8-12
  • Orange rubber leg stimulator sz 8-10
  • Tan elk hair caddis sz 10-14
  • Parachute Adam's sz 12-20 green/white
  • Hoppers!

Recommended streamers

  • White bunny leach sz 8
  • Brown woolly bugger sz 10
  • Black woolly bugger sz 10
  • Purple micro leach sz 12

Conejos River
Southern Colorado

Fishing has been stellar!  Water levels have dropped to ideal levels, dry fly fishing has been prolific as well as sub service nymphing. Dry dropper is all you need, if fishing is slow, chuck some meat with a big streamer for guaranteed action.

Recommended nymphs

  • Pat's rubber legs sz 10 black/brown
  • Pheasant tail sz 12-18 brown/flashy
  • Double down may fly sz 12-14 brown/orange
  • Hot wire may fly sz 18 chartreuse
  • Mop fly sz 12 tan
  • Black stone fly sz 12

Recommended dry fly pattern

  • Spruce fly (when hot and sunny) sz 10-12 white
  • Parachute Adam's sz 14 green

Recommended streamers

  • Sculp-zilla sz 4 white and brown
  • Big brown bunny leach sz 4
  • Woolly bugger sz 8-10
  • Any green streamer

Holy Water
Northern New Mexico

Fishing has picked up due to increased water flows after low conditions, big rainbows and a few golden trout! One over 20' has been spotted! Aquatic grass has limited the access to some of the water but there are plenty of holes and strait aways to fill out the day.

Almost all dry flies are in play but here is the most prolific

  • A.M. grey pmd's sz 16-18
  • Stimulators sz 14-18
  • Elk hair caddis sz 12-18
  • Parachute Adam's sz 14-18 green/grey

Recommended nymphs

  • Micro may fly sz 12-18 green.
  • Copper John sz 14-18
  • Red and black zebra midges

Costilla Creek
Valle Vidal
New Mexico

Rio Costilla in the Valle Vidal

Fishing has been good but after a long summer pressure on the water has been high. Fishing has been better in the morning and slow mid day, picking up at sun down. Wild Rio Grande cutthroats, rainbows and brook trout.

Recommended  dry  flies

  • Foamulator sz 10-16 orange/yellow
  • Parachute Adam's sz 12- 18 green

Recommended nymphs

  • Micro may fly sz 14-18 grey/green
  • Midges

Rio Grande
New Mexico

Rio Grande View

Rio Grande View

Flows are still high for this time of year. Water clarity is poor and fishing has been slow. But will improve as water levels come down and the browns start spawning. Best fishing is early in the A.M. with streamers and the occasional rising fish will fall for the dry fly.

Red River
New Mexico

Jack with a Fall Brown on the Lower Red

Jack with a Fall Brown on the Lower Red

Fishing has been slow due to water clarity, mainly because of regular rainfall in the upper water sheds that feed the river, best early morning with a dry dropper.

Upper Rio Hondo
Taos Ski Valley
New Mexico

Fishing has been awesome lately on our local streams none more than the Rio Hondo! Tight pocket water, beaver dams and bends. Cold water and abundant wild browns! (Very tight casting lanes)

Recommended dry flies.

  • Small stimulators
  • Elk hair caddis
  • Parachute Adam's

Recommended nymphs

  • Copper John's sz 14-18
  • Brown prince nymphs sz 14-18 brown/ red
  • Red and black zebra midges
  • Pheasant tail sz 14-18 brown/ x-mas
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