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Superior Fly Fishing without the Crowds

Flyfishing guides, guide service and fishing club in Taos NM offered by the Solitary Angler promise superior fly fishing for the most avid fishermen.

We also offer annual fly fishing club memberships for fishing private water in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming with our Solitary Anglers’ Club.

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Fishing Tips
Dan Parson

In Praise of Whitefish

“Rocky Mountain Bone Fish”, “Ghost Trout”, “Smokies”. They shit in your boat, slime up your hands, smell funky and destroy good flies; Yet I must admit I love whitefish.

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Fish Stories
Dan Parson

A Guide’s Life

I get to meet interesting new people every day, float down a river I love, share my knowledge and passion of the sport with others, and see beautiful stuff like otters and sun rises and crap. But there are down sides to it as well. It’s work.

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Colorado Fly Fishing

Conejos Creek, ColoradoWe offer Southern Colorado fly fishing on private water, including the incredible Culebra Creek and upper Rio Grande Valley. We have locations a few hours’ drive from southern Front Range cities of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Walsenburg and Raton, and valley towns of Blanca, Salida, Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del Norte and South Fork.

Ask us about accommodations in the area so that you can maximize fishing and minimize driving.

Culebra Creek
Rio Grande

New Mexico Fly Fishing

Taos, New Mexico is located in the heart of the Southern Rockies. Nowhere else in the lower 48 can you find such a unique blend of magnificent scenery, beautiful weather and excellent fly fishing on a year-round basis.

Visit high mountain lakes and streams – Red River, Rio Hondo, Cimarron River, Rio Costilla in Carson National Park’s pristine Valle Vidal, Coyote Creek below Angel Fire, Eagle Nest Lake. Hike in “wild and scenic” river canyons like the Rio Grande Gorge. Explore the more accessible, but fantastically beautiful Cimarron Canyon, with a northern New Mexico fly fishing guide consequently, offers a variety of fly fishing opportunities, without the crowds.

Wyoming Fly Fishing

The lower Green River tailwater below Fontenelle Dam and dozens of wild mountain freestone streams flowing from the immense Wyoming Range all offer pristine settings and “superior flyfishing without the crowds” for exceptionally large trout, all within a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Jackson or Salt Lake City.

Southwest Wyoming is the best kept flyfishing secret left in the lower 48 states!

Fontenelle Creek
Cimarron Creek (Holy Water)

Solitary Angling Club

SAC Members and their guests get to fish all the fisheries I lease on a reservation basis without a guide (a couple of exceptions). When you reserve a section, your party is the only one there. We require a minimum of two days rest per section per week. Most sections receive a lot more than that.

The result is an abundance of clean, strong, unspooked trout waiting for you to test your skills on!

Great fishing on Culebra Creek!

"I had a great day of fishing on Culebra Creek with David. He was a most pleasant and knowledgeable guide. I caught 15 trout, 14 of which were large and fat. They were consistently the healthiest fish I have ever seen. All but one was over 15 inches, with the largest rainbow measuring 21 inches, and the largest brown being 20 inches. David kept one of my rods rigged with a dry fly setup, and one with wet flies. I never stopped fishing except to rest a second, take a fish off the hook, or to eat and drink. It was a dream day."

Superior Flyfishing without the Crowds!