Accommodations for Flyfishers

Hacienda de Cimarron and Holy Water Cabins

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Hacienda de Cimarron is a great old classic ranch house sitting on the hill overlooking the entire Holy Water.  Fishing on The Holy Water must be booked separately, subject to availability.

Easy commute to "work" from Holy Water house

Easy commute to “work” from Hacienda de Cimarron

You can sit in the living room or the hot tub and watch trout rise in the big pool below and deer bed down in the grass. Wildlife including elk, bears and mountain lions are abundant and often seen.

Holy Water Cabins

Holy Water Cabins, New Mexico

Holy Water Cabins

Two rustic cabins with bathhouses sit beneath the trees on the banks of the Cimarron Holy Water.   Fishing on The Holy Water must be booked separately, subject to availability.  The cabins are reserved for members of the Solitary Angling Club, special events, or can be booked along with the Hacienda for larger gatherings.

*2 night minimum

The Hacienda

Hacienda de Cimarron, Cimarron Creek, on the Holy Water

Hacienda de Cimarron, Cimarron Creek, on the Holy Water

The main house has three bedrooms and the new addition has two big bedrooms so there’s room for plenty of anglers. Combined with the cabins, it’s the perfect retreat for family reunions and other large parties.

Available Night Unavailable Night

See our listing on VRBO for complete Hacienda prices, availability and inquiries.

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Accommodations at Trinchera Lodge, Southern Colorado

 Vacation lodging at its best!!

The sprawling 175,000-acre Trinchera Ranch in Southern Colorado is a sight to behold. This magnificent ranch sits in the heart of the highest mountain peaks in Colorado, several rising to over 14,000 feet in elevation. The lodge has a well equipped conference room and it’s an ideal location for corporate groups and group conferences.

We also schedule occasional fly fishing schools at Trinchera Ranch.

Deluxe 5-star accommodations in the main lodge include exquisite fine dining, including full bar, in a mountain setting with views in all four directions that will blow you away!!! The laid back atmosphere will make you feel like it’s yours, yet the service is outstanding and the dry fly fishing is simply superb.

The main stream, Trinchera Creek, and a small pond are less than 100 feet from the lodge so you can fish early and late and still not miss your meals.

Trinchera Ranch flyfishing prices are here. Compare to other high end lodges and you’ll agree this is a bargain!

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Green River, Wyoming

Van Beacham on the Green River

Van Beacham on the Green River

There are nice accommodations in Kemmerer and there are several restaurants to choose from but Kemmerer isn’t a big tourist town. Clients come here to fly fish! There’s no 5 star lodges, fancy restaurants or hopping nightclubs here. Just basic stuff and great fly fishing opportunities and of course, professional, experienced guides from The Solitary Angler.

Many clients have combined fly fishing here with trips to the Green River below Flaming Gorge or the Snake River near Jackson Hole, and most tell me this was their favorite part and that they caught larger and sometimes more fish here. Many have told me this is the best trout fishing they ever had!

Call Van at 575-776-5585 for suggested accommodations and special rates when you fish Green River, Ham’s Fork, Smith’s Fork or Fontenelle Creek with The Solitary Angler.

Wyoming flyfishing prices are here.

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