The Solitary Angler Fishing Report: Spring 2015

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Beginning Our Second Year at Our New Location!
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bootstoreIt’s already been a full year since hooking up with Paragon Outdoors/ Boot Doctor’s at our new location which is the same location I started in 31 years ago! Wow!! The shop, located at 226C North Pueblo Rd. (just south of Michaels Kitchen) is a full service outdoor, ski and fly shop.

World-known as one of the best outdoor and ski shops anywhere they opened this new location and added a complete fly shop. We are getting new stuff in everyday and the salesmen are guides that also guide for the Solitary Angler. Stop in and see what you’ve been missing!

Spring Has Sprung and the Bugs are Hatchin’

It’s the end of ski season, the days are getting longer and the first sign of bugs, other than midges, are ever present. Blue-winged olives (BWO’s) and their smaller counter parts, baetis have already begun to hatch on warm days on the Culebra, Rio Garande and Red River and yesterday I actually saw a few caddis on the Red River. Here’s what you can expect in April and early May.

Thanks to Don Richmond & the Rifters for the music!

Rio Grande Gorge and Lower Red River

The Rio and the Red are both getting hatches of BWO’s and baetis on a daily basis. Currently the hatches are good but both are experiencing premature run-off, more so on the Rio Grande, making the fishing tough. The Red is starting to clear and should be decent over the next couple of weeks.

4HeaderRioGrande1The Red and the Rio are littered with cased caddis larva, suggesting that we could have great caddis hatches this spring. Caddis larva are already working and sporadically adults can be seen flying around so start making your plans now to hit the “beginning of the hatch” not the end of the hatch when the water is likely to be higher and murkier and the fish will be “stuffed to the gills”! Although, the Rio Grande could be a bust even at the beginning of the hatch due to high water but we have to wait and see.

Our guides have been fishing quite a bit lately on the Red and they have done really well on some of their trips. The fat cutbows have been averaging between 16 to 18 inches and lots of browns in the 10 to 14 inch range. Don’t wait, give us a call now to catch this fabled hatch! Limited booking space due to permit restrictions.

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Culebra Creek – Dam Work Finally Complete!

The work on the Dam at Sanchez Reservoir is finally complete and the water coming from the dam has been much clearer. Now, with our good snow pack this year, the worst of our problems are behind us. We’re expecting good conditions this year and if this winter and spring are any indication, fishing should be great!

Cul Tom w client 2a brownCulebra Creek has fished pretty well all winter due to mild temperatures and the trout are averaging larger than they have in a long time with many fish over 20 inches being caught! Currently fishing is excellent with midges and baetis hatching daily and low clear flows. The fishing should remain quite good with some dry fly opportunities through April or possibly, even early May, when they start releasing water. Come sooner than later though because we have 120% snow pack which could cause the river to rise sooner.

By mid-May we start getting pale morning duns (pmd’s ) hatching and crane fly larva, leaches, worms and streamers are also excellent choices. While nymph fishing will be quite good we are hoping for some of the best dry fly fishing in years as well this year due to clearer water coming from the dam now that they have finished the work.

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Cimarron River

The Cimarron is very low but watch the flows as they could go up any day. When flowing 8cfs or above fishing has been good but the fish are spooky so light tippets and delicate casts are necessary. Look for lots of fish in the beaver ponds. Small flies are the ticket right now but expect larger flies and nymphs including scuds to start working as soon as the water is turned up out of Eagle Nest Dam.

Holy Water page 371Every year I tell my customers to book in April through mid June for the best dry fly fishing on the Cimarron but for some reason it doesn’t get through to a lot of them. Don’t let it happen to you this year!

The work we’ve done on the Holy Waters has helped provide much-needed winter holding water resulting in more and bigger fish. Come check it out and find out why we call it the Holy Waters.

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For info on all our angling opportunities visit us on the web at or email us at or call The Solitary Angler in Taos at 575-758-5653 or 1-866-502-1700 for current conditions or to book a guided trip on The Solitary Angler’s ten private miles of Culebra Creek, the Cimarron River or the Rio Grande and Red River today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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