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The charm of fly­fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive, yet attainable; a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

Protecting Special Places – Ever since I started leasing private waters in 1985, it has been my goal to protect, preserve and improve as much water as possible. Recently, I was able to purchase over 2 miles of Culebra Creek, perhaps the best small stream in the southern Rockies, resulting in perpetual security for Charter and Legacy Members of The Solitary Angling Club (SAC). In addition, I have worked diligently with land owners to secure an additional 8 miles for a total of 10 miles of Culebra Creek. Members of the SAC not only have private access to 10 sections but they can feel good knowing that their annual fees are helping to preserve quality fisheries for themselves and future generations of fly fishers.

Don't miss out! Join the most exclusive flyfishing club in the region.

SAC Members get to fish all the fisheries I lease on a reservation basis without a guide (a few exceptions). When you reserve a section, your party is the only one there.

We maintain a minimum of two days rest per section per week; most sections receive a lot more than that. The result is an abundance of clean, strong, wild, unspooked trout waiting for you to test your skills on!

To have a look at the SAC brochure, click here (2.6MB). For prices and to request an application,
contact me.


Members recieve exclusive maps and access information
for all waters offered by the Solitary Angling Club.

A long time resident of Santa Fe, I have been a member of Solitary Angling Club for three rewarding years. There is excellent year-round fly fishing, friendly, capable guides, and beautiful surroundings on the Culebra Creek. You never know when you're going to tie into a "wild" twenty-plus inch rainbow or brown. I highly recommend this experience to any angler.

– Malcolm Alexander, Santa Fe, NM